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Beach Anal in the Sun

Ciao Cristina
You wouldn't believe it. On a day where we purposely ventured out to find a spot to flash, we find a spot for me to really relax. These were taken last spring time and it turned out to be a blast. White sand and a cool spring breeze. No one was around (except for one driver) and I was able to relaxwhile my man shot away (a lot). It may not look like a luxurious surrounding, but it was really quite, subtle, and I can hear nature at work; simply marvelous. Soon we will find a lovely spot where the setting will be floral and pleasant, but until then, I will always remember this one. Hope you enjoy this series as much as I did.Have to share, so I'll spread it out in time. :)

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At Highschool Hi guys, Its Tori again! Had a fantastic jpg shoot with an awsome photographer in Miami recently and thought I would share some of the photos with everyone. Nothing like a good bondage session that yeilds cool pix to boot! xoxoxo


Dly vas moi dorogie We want to test a new game. Put the eyes on the right pic and Frances is for you with her blue eyes! But don't forget to have a look on my dick in her shaved pussy !!! It's also very exciting to imagine Frances with something in .....