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Here goes the second installment of my CBB-profile-picture-contri. For those of you who missed the September stint, here’s a recap of the background. At the CBB (Contributors Hangout) we have a recurring profile-picture play going on. One theme is chosen and everybody updates her/his pic to match the theme…or then invents a good excuse why it should match. So, here’s an update on what happened these last couple of weeks.. It is a great way to get to know each other better, not only through the contributions you all see on FS, PS, RC, etc, but also discuss, banter and have…nekkid fun ! Thank you, wonderfully alluring, mind-spurring and thought-provoking CBB-ers ! Oh..why "Groovy Cat" ? ..well..ask Sushigirl..hehehe

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Other continuation London I'm from the Central New York area and have been interested in photography for a long time. These are some photos of a recent model, London. Let me know what you think and keep in mind I'm just getting started. Thanks


Let me think....... *Sp Lea'S Private Session - this is my second contribution, because i had such a warm welcome with the first one (thanks everyone!). I had some fun playing with the camera and with mirrors, and with myself, of course ;)...enjoy!