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Hi voyeurs!
just a few random pix of my BBW she my not b for everone but she is soooooo much fun!!! she will try anny thing at least once for me some times 5 times just incase so dont b a hater her body is soft her brain is sharp as a tack and she is a party going somwhere to happen! if u live in or nere Detroit "THE D" or u have a fanticy or request you want her to play out just for you,sent some pix of you and or your wife/GF/play mate and detales of what you want to hunter_t_3@ya***. and we will see what we can do! the pix help her get in the mood! and girls dont b shy we/she isent phobick! so we want to here from the fem's as well!

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Before last contri As you all can see, this was a great evening. After posting for E-contri's in VW it is now our first session for the special section. Hope, you enjoy, expecting comments (men + hopefully women) and votes, XOXOXO.


here some for rc A completely new experience for Kara... leather cuffs locked on her wrists and ankles, then wrists and ankles locked together to leave her totally restrained, exposed and vulnerable... Kara is introduced to Mr. Hitachi...