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Bangin a blonde on the beach FM14

anyone for playing with me
Darling so enjoyed all the flattering comments on her last Exhibitionist Photos contri (while mostly ignoring the bashers) that she quickly agreed to the idea of another NIP pic expedition. At least NIP enough to qualify in Faq's eyes based on his kind comment on a thread discussing, "What is Exposed in Public?" This time she was brave enough to give those of you clamoring for a spread at least a little view of the animal print thong that matched her skirt. If you'd like more please keep your compliments and ideas rolling in. There's no telling what we might be able to talk her into showing if she gets enough encouragement.

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I like to expose my body If you saw the more mild pictures of this outfit posted in Voyeur Web, they you already heard my story about having to rub vasoline on my thighs when I would run cross country in high school. I also found out some other good uses for lube, can you tell?????


My ass house on fire. You wouldn't believe the weird categories this form asks us to submit! "Areola size? Nipple length?" Ewe!! If you like, say hello, I LOVE that and love to respond. Techy analysis can stay at work! This is play! xoxo M :)