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Sunbathing, drinking and fucking on a public beach

hot girl from pisa
The other day, I finally admitted to myself what a complete dork I am, because there is no way I can go out in that hula outfit when I go to the Halloween dance I'm planning to attend. This admission was painful to make, but I lack the bust required to fill out that bikini top properly, and in that grass skirt I feel almost too close to naked even with my underpants on underneath. I don't quite know what I will end up wearing to the dance just yet, but it will be a fair deal more conservative, I assure you. I was perked up a bit when my flatmate showed me this top, however, which her ex got as a gift for her last Halloween. I seriously wish I had her confidence to wear something like this out in public. I did think it had a certain cute sex kitten dominatrix kind of look to it though, worthy of taking some pictures to share. So the summary I came to was: There's just no way I am daring enough to exhibit my sex side when I can actually view the people who are watching, but I will gladly take all sorts of photos for my fairly anonymous viewers here and on my own website. Maybe it's that psych class I am taking this year but I am happy that I can be so direct with myself! LOL

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loves showing This was a fun afternoon with 2 great girls. This is the first time they let me take photos with them both. We all took turns taking pictures. We just need someone to take the pictures for us. (applicants need to provide photos of HER own hot body)


Just celebrating This is one of my most favorite outfits to wear. I had a great time getting all dressed up. These boots just make me feel so sexy (and a lot taller hehe)! The best is when I get everything off except for the boots, but I guess that's why they call them "fuck me" boots. Anyone?