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Big boobs sitting down on beach

Milk anyone???
Hi! guys . got these pics at a truck stop here in town . I was out taking some pics in the truck lot and it seems one of the truckers was watching me from his truck. he got out of his truck when he saw me and we talked a little bit . then we went between 2 trucks and I sucked his cock till he gave me a big mouthfull of cum. MMMMMMMM that was good! I never did find out where he was from or where he was going . it was really hot! I got a great vidio too. I'm sure all my ruthie haters will have fun leaving the usual comments on this one. have fun guys! and for the rest of you , love ya . If you want to get in touch with me click on the link to my site in the upper right hand corner and get on my free message board. we can have fun there.I promise I'll answer! and if you want to go inside my site you won't be disapointed you'll find 51 vidios and thousands of pics. I had a great time doing them all for you. I just love being slutty! love ruthie

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hello do yoy like? Sexy weekend away with wife. She knows I love the PVC outfits and she didn't disappoint. She looked so hot I thought I'd share with fellow redclouders. This is her first contrib but with a little encouragement I'm sure she'd agree to do some more...


First Time..scared The Story starts with me dressed, and ends with me undressed. Nothing but my Heels and Hose. Please follow along and see how the story goes. We enjoy reading the comments! Happy New Year to you, and all the VW crew! Cindy and Hubby XOXO