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Sandramonica beach tribute video

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Our first contibution - We were on our way home from Xmas shopping and Emerald Eyes was feeling quite randy. She had taken her shirt off and was giving me quite a tit show as we traveled down the Interstate. Then the cop pulled us over. He said I was weaving on the road. I said I was just talking to my wife. He looked at her, grinned, gave me my license back and told me to have a nice night. That's when we noticed her shirt was on inside out and backwards. She suggested that we get off the road before we had an accident. So I pulled off at the nearest gas station. There, she proceeded to strip, climb into the back and play with her new xmas "toy". Both me and the trucker that parked behind us enjoyed the show. PDPME

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An evenings pre fun! I have been stroking to this site for a while, decided it was my turn to add to the collections. I am a frequent chatter and have had a few requests to share the pics of my shaved cock and balls. So look for me there and tell me what you think....This site is great!!


Love & Kisssesss, My neighbour likes to sun herself in my backyard explaining that my yard gets more sun throughout the day. I've often told her to help herself and that she's welcome to come over any time. She's smoking hot but married to some dumb bastard that doesn't realize what he has.