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Flashing Her Pink
Howdy folks! Thanks so much for all the nice comments I got on my last contri. I think this might be the only place where a girl can be just as sexy if she has small boobies. I had so many sweet comments telling me how much they loved my perky boobs & puffy nipples. I love nudist!!! These pics are actually shots taken from a avi I did for my web site ( ). Me & my friend Patty went to a sex shop looking for some fun stuff to do some photoshoots with. We had a blast trying on sexy outfits & checking out all the toys. The cashier girl let us clip the whole thing! I wish I could say that I bought everything in these pics, but it was just way too expensive. We had lots of fun though! haha XOXO

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Mon A©pouse samedi 8 mai Hi Guys,Some pics hubby and I did with the new camera. We've been fans of the site for a long time and I fancied having a go, hope you enjoy. Sorry about the face but my works a bit too high profile.In case you are interested, I'm 5'11" and 138lbs.


neighbor's ass A big thank you to everyone who left me comments from my last set of photos. I do read them all and try to reply to the sweet ones. Now that the weather is turning to fall, it's time to get out the warm fur. I love the feel of real soft fur against my naked body. What do you think of my beaverskin?