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Cute blonde chicks at beach

Just uploading at RC.
Hello again, we previously submitted pixs to NIP and received alot of great responses and ignored the few who disagreed. I love watching women get off and love helping my beautiful wife, Betsy, climax. She is multi-orgasmic so I enjoy her getting off several times before I jump in and get my pleasure. We like the other pixs of women using their toys but wish more included the looks of pleasure on their face when the cum. Sorry to have to blur Betsy's eyes, she insists, but they were mostly closed anyway. She got off 3 seperate times in this Contri and later took care of me which I will send in as another Contri (BJ with facial.) We hope ya'll like these pixs as much as we did taking and sending them. This Contri will be sent in several e-mails. Thanxs to the whole gang at naturist and to all the contributors.

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Nice photos of my wife hello everyone, thank you for all the nice and exiting comments on my peepics-contri. Because of this comments, I decided to let you see more of my most intimate pictures. I hope you enjoy the pics and let me know with your comments what you think about. Kisses


My sexy red head friend. Nothing turns her on more than knowing there will be guys jerking off to her pics....actually, there is something that turns her on even more and that is reading your comments and getting tributes of your cum all over her pics