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Romantic Weekend
PART 2- This was one of the funnest nights I've had in a long time! I was in Miami at a trade show and got invited to a party held at this cool South Sand Bar called "ICE." Any of you know where it is?? Anyway, I got there to meet my friends and they had some stickers to promote their new business. They wanted me to wear one so I decided that they would make great PASTIES. So, off came my top and I stuck the stickers on my boobs. As the night went on, I got more and more frisky. I met the hottest bartender who was so great looking and started flirting with him. As the night wore on, the clothes came off in the hot nightclub. I had some people recognize me and they wanted pictures, etc. so it was just a blast. Great fun. Hope you enjoy watching. Also, I had some great fun after the party back at our hotel with the hot bartender. You can see those pics in voy-zone entitled, "Sexy Suz Public Sex in South Sand. There will be three parts to that post coming soon. Hugs, Suz

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hi all back again Hi guys i havent posted in a while im getting old but i seen your theme for pumps and i just had to post this well used up grandma body. I hope to get a lot of comments pro and con call me a slutty whore which i know i am it gets my wrinkly pussy wet