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Hello to all !!!!!
Do you ever figure something out and then forget about it? I've totally just re-discovered my love of soft fabrics. I thought it couldn't get much better than the massage I got last week. I love professional hands .. purrrrr! I still felt like I was needing a pickmeup bad so I foolishly and selfishly spent some of the little money I had left after taxes and bought myself a new outfit. I am debating on returning it though but I swear I am loving how the soft stretchy fabric feels. If I ever become rich I will have a closet full of the stuff! Its like a warm layer feeling on me at all times which is totally comfortable and such a turnon. I know I'm contributing to higher prices but it has become my philosophy that if I am gonna take something back to the store I should at least grab some pics for here or our website first LOL. Its a good thing it is starting to get warm because with how turned on I was I probably wouldve gotten myself off or tried to have sex in it. And taking it back after that is just plain wrong. I'm not admitting anything though LOL.

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her fine ass Thank you for all the nice comments in the past. Obviously Barbara The Devil is very, very popular. Here are some more pics of her when she displayed herself very hot at the Venus erotic fair In October 2007 in Berlin. Have fun. Superzoom


Just pics for all to see By the way, thanks for your nice comments from our first post and sorry for not answering, we've been very busy, but we promise that if we have again nice comments in this, our second post ever, we'll try to reply.