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Sometimes I worry that I am too protective of Tea. She told me that she was talking to a guy online that responded to her personal ad, and that they are going to be meeting up soon. I remember when her and I first started talking on AOL, and after an hour, she started to open up about her sexuality and what she wanted to try. After we met, hooked up, and I introduced her to naturist and my site, she has become so able to talk about sex that I fear she may beway too forward with this new guy. I know how bad she can be, and while I selfishly don't want anyone else to reap the benefits, I also fear the guy will have sex with her then not call, or that she will be careless (she's allergic to latex, so condoms are a no-go). Maybe I felt a need to mark my territory, but I made sure I was extra available when she IM'd me the other day to get together. I thought she looked particularly cute, and when I asked her what kind of underwear she was wearing, these just totally did it for me. She was in the mood (as always), and I definitely felt that I re-staked my claim a tad...hehe. Looking at these pics, can you blame a guy for being a tad possessive?

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Couple Friends Hello Kate and friends, i'm a 30 year old german bi-girl. When i surfed around the net,i found your fantastic page. Here are some brandnew shots from me for your private-picture-selection. You can add my e-mail for comments.


Can you see the nipples Hi folks...It has been a while, and I hope to post brand new pictures in the near future, but for now here are some shots from a couple of months ago that were fun. It is amazing how strong plastic wrap can be when you try to tear it off. Got a little scary!