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Nude Beach - Little Tits Riding & CIM Blowjob POV

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this is the eastern girl's first appearance on voy-zone. i present you some pictures of various photoshootings to introduce her. she is from eastern europe but lives here in switzerland for 5 years now. we're close friends and came closer to eachother after a while. we had/still have great sex, even though she's got a boyfriend (a real jerk in my opinion). in december 2005 we went to venice (italy) for a nice weekend and took some pictures in the hotel room. it was the first time she did something like this and she was shy in the beginning but started to have lots of fun after seeing the first set of pics. when we were back home in the alps country, i asked a friend of mine who is a pro-photographer if he can teach me something about it. it was very interesting and after shooting a few more sets of pics at eastern girl's home i asked my friend if i can use his studio and his equipment for a day. since then we made photos in the studio lots of times and still love it. we kinda stumbled upon the voy-zone website and decided to post something. i hope you like it. if comments are nice you'll get more. maybe even voy-zone pics. greetings from switzerland

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She loves her toys!!! My name is Julie and I am always hot and horny. I love to expose my body for all to see and enjoy. I love sex and am always wet and slimy with love juices. I loveto suck cocks and swallow cum and enjoy cleaning cocks with my tongue.


You like??? Several of you "volunteered" to be her next boytoy. We're always on the lookout for a fun, good-looking, in-shape young guy or girl. If you think you fit the bill and you visit Vegas at least twice per year, post your email and let's talk. P.S. she loves ab muscles.