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On a cold winter's day...
STCLa€™s hubby here with our annual 2014 compilation contri to start the new year! By now, if you left a nice message for her, you should have received my wifea€™s naughty mailer including something nice for your balls and inviting you to fuck her. Do fuck my wifea€¦ please!!! Check your inbox/spambox for the message. AND keep your eyes open for our next real contri entitled a€?STCL a€“ My Twin Sistera€? - thata€™s right, she finally convinced her twin sister to screw me on camera and post the fun here! Now, in this set, Ia€™ve selected pics separated by ten years or so with similar poses and styles, providing the THEN pics as inserts to the NOW pics. (Find all these full contris on Funbags, BTW a€“ I spend most of my time there these days, looking for my old faves!)

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Do you like my boobs ? Just some random pictures of my Super girl. She posted back around Nov. 18th in private shots. She enjoyed your comments. All of the coments to me said I was a crappy photographer..... Sorry I was a little freaking distracted. Maybe she would be willing to take requests.


Too big for this tank top My new girl Nita. She's freaky as all hell and I can't wait to see where it leads. She's bi-sexual and we both want to hear from other couple...ladies especially. Leave your e-mail addy and we'll get back to you...promise :-)