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Hi Voyeur crew and Voyeur Webbers, As soon as I realized what Asher had done to my last contri which was called 'Tiffy - Oops' - he (?) deleted the Oops picture, I told Lou what happened. We then agreed that he would let me take some pictures of my favorite doll, all dressed up and everything. I know that you guys normally do not post these kind of pictures in the Private Shot section, but I think you should make an exception this time, because these pictures are so cute and so private. And I am sure that all the ladies in cyber land will thank you for making an exception and the traffic at your site will increase exponentially. Regards P.S. I just did a spell check and was surprised to find that it changed voy-zonebers into Voyeur Webbers. See what an impact this site has on the software industry.

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delicious ass She loves them, lucky for me. She also loves her seamed stockings, she wears them around the house, even when cleaning (Yes, she does clean) Thanks for all of the great comments. More facials and milking shots to cum, for those that requested. Thanks again Redclouds!!!