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I peviously submitted the first 10 of these 21 photos as DORM LUCK #P1800 back durring the first week of January, but they were never posted (I checked every day). So I reduced the size a little and scanned in 11 more photos of the same series. I am submitting as three seperate zip files each containg 7 JPG's. The story is simple luck. My girlfriends friends cam to visit me. Me and my roomate started joking around about a image session and before we knew what was happening they were naked. My girlfriend refused to participate but remained in the room trying to distract me in her special way while my roomate snapped these photos. We never touched the girls but we were very happy just to have seen them in this way. The next girl I met through a personal add. She showed up and guess what happened. I don't know the last girl. I found a string of three negatives in an old desk that was sitting in the garbage. Somehow I just knew to look behind the drawrs. My buddy thought I was nuts looking in an old rotting desk, so I explained that sometimes naked photos fall behind the drawrs and are forgotten. Two seconds later I pulled out the negatives. I may never win the lottery, but that was true luck.

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gotta love her ass These were taken at our strand condo where she literally turns into a walking sexpot and beautiful sluty wife. Something about the ocean that release her uninhibitedness. What you see here is simply her each day. Enjoy as I do!!


She came hard We were deciding which dress the wife should wear to go take flashing pics for posting in the EIP section of VW and I was taking photos while she was trying different ones on. Several of our fans in the EIP section have been asking for an RC contri, so here you go!