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candid beach crotch shot 181, standind right over her

Cheers to all.
Hello! We are back! We asked our fans for some idea on what to show next, and the most frequent answer was: sex, more sex! And then, on a thread at Sams place, people suggested using ice cubes. Think think think: quick, Sandra jumps in her new lingerie (wanting to show all of you ladies and man what she got), and then we open the fridge and find a new plaything there! ;-) In the second part of this contri, we get to the real thing! (coming soon thanks to the wonderful crew at RC). We blow many kisses to the few real couples with whom we swap pictures, and a big big hug to all our fans worldwide! !!! Please leave comments and vote for us! Sandra and Christian Kommentar auf deutsch sind willkommen und erwunscht! J Nous nous rejouissons des commentaires en francais!!! J

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Thank's First Timer.. - this is Karly.. she is a friend of mine who makes a living dancin... after a long time trying to get her to pose... she finally accepted. she is willing to do more maybe even RCs... all depends on comments and moreso on your vote... what do you say?


john (& gerda) Mature Beauty and I went on a vacation to Europe and these photos were taken while we were tourists. Because of her profession her face can never be visible in the photos. If that offends you then seek another contribution. Mature Beauty is 60 and completely natural except that she shaves her pussy for me.