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This time Lori was anxious to get my pecker inside her and she teased me something awful with her mouth before finally begging me to fuck her. You can see her getting impatient in the image with her arms in the air just begging for it while I wa adjusting the camera on the tripod. I then obliged her AFTER she promised to let me cum in her mouth afterwards. I was happily pumping away when she reached down and moved my cock down to her asshole. Now, I was a happy enough camper, but remembered her promise to cum in her mouth and wondered. So I enjoyed her ass while she played with her clit until she came a few times. It was time to see if she'd keep her promise so I stood up, grabbed the camera for a clasp and offered my cock. To my surprise, even after having just pumped her ass with it, she took my cock deep in her mouth, right back to her tonsils and hummed and gurgled on it until I came and came and came! You can see it running out of her mouth even though I was still deep in it. Afterwards, she went over to the sofa to get dressed so I put the camera back on the tripod and went over to help her. I stood behind her and started playing with her ample boobs and she quickly got heated up again. She laid me down on the floor, got on her knees and washed my weenie again! Damn I love her tonsils and the way the head of my cock feels clicking back and forth over them. This time she was able to get my entire cock into her mouth, right down to the root and then stick out her tongue and lick my balls back and forth while her boobs dangled around on my legs. I came another huge load and this time she let it squirt into the air and onto her boobs, face and innocent blue eyes. I'll do my best to get a blow job like that on tape next time, if she can do that again! Sign me

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Have a good day:) We went out on a very cold portland ore eve to take these pictures at a home supply company and a grocery store parking lot . We had alot of fun taking the pictures but got caught twice by a very early parking lot sweeper,I think he enjoyed the show. More later if these are liked. MWNCW


It really please us... I've been a member for over three years and finally decided to send in something. Here are just a few pics to see what kind of response I get. I'd love to hear from the ladies and couples. I'm a single guy looking to play a little. I can't wait to read the feedback......