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Nude Beach - Exhibitionists Pt 01

Wet kisses Gattina
Santa Claus came early this year, and he brought me a toy. These photos were taken on two separate occasions, about a week and a half apart. The photos of me in obvious "pain" were taken the day the toy arrived, and I was in "pain" (albeit enjoyable), as I had not had anything larger than my finger in any of my holes in several years. This contri most likely will be posted after I have gone out of town for the holidays; I won't be back until after the new year. When I return, I *promise* to send an e-mail to all who left [their e-mail address along with] a message on my previous two contri, as well as for this one. I should have done it by now, but believe it or not, I am a bit shy and don't know what to say. As always, I hope these photos create a good impression (you know what I mean) ...

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do not post e-mail Hi, This is Roses And Wine again. She just can't pose enough. I hope all of you guys and gals think she's as hot as I do. Let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions as to our next theme, let us know.


Nipples getting hard Ciao!Queste sono alcune delle foto che abbiamo fatto in salotto domenica 5/10.Le altre in versione soft sono su VW con questo stesso titolo.Ciao! A&G Hi!Some of the pics taken in the living room on sunday 5th october.The soft pics of this group are on VW with the same title.Bye! A&G