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Many thanks for the response to the last effort. Over 100 really nice comments with lots of you guys offering a helping hand or cock if I get too tired!!. Sorry can't reply to you all but disappointed that there was no reply to a few that I dide-mail. Anyway this is the last fora while in voy-zone but there might be the odd one in the E-contri now and again. Great site and good to see all shapes, sizes, and ages making good use of it. It certainly helps to keep the sex life a priority. These pictures are from a session just after we read lots of the horney comments. As you can imagine the sex was fantastic. She just gets better and better.

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me, totally exposed Cali is back in So. Cal. I decided to take pics of myself to send to redclouds. I am single now and so I lost one of my photographers and my male model. So if anyone is interested, let me know!!! Enjoy the pics, love Cali


Visit wiki site. After all "Hubby" has submitted pictures of me. I thought it was time to send in a few of him. I like the one of his ass where you can see the lube from where I used one of our favorite toys on him. Comments appreciated.