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Thanks too all the positive feedback that we have received from our last couple contris we thought we would dig back a little into our archives. These pictures are from just before Christmas and involve us and some close friends of ours. The whole night was spent with the other person's spouse, I with my buddy's wife and my friend with mine. We didn't actually get together with our own spouses until the very end of the evening, and the camera was long since put away by then. The videotape that we shot on this evening puts even these pictures to shame. A special thank you goes out to all the new friends we have made since our 04/02 posting entitled "GG Keeping Warn In Cold Minnesota". As always we would love to hear from others out there, especially those from Minnesota. Look out for part 2 to this series tomorrow or the next day.

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Something to warm you up Tammi's first time posting on the web. 41 year old mother of 2 and smokin hot! We frequent an Adult resort and had a friend take these shots outdoors with her new red outfit. We hope the comments are good and if so, she is willing to do more pictures for all of us!


more fun at the EEB After we spent a wonderful weekend with a very special visitor from out of town, we then decided to take some photos. Shaved was with us from last Friday till Monday. After he left us with some pointers, we decided to work on our picture taking. How did C do on taking pictures of me? K