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Thanks for the comment and response to my earlier submissions. I tried to incorporate a few of the suggestions in this contri taken with my new mavica. Working on the technical quality hope they are satisfactory. Bug is my wonderful wife of 18 years. She is 48 and is extremely prim and proper. While she may not be a Barbie doll for a lady of her age with two kids I think she looks great (but I may be a little prejudiced--what do you think). Through the years of our marriage she has occasionally let me photograph her naked when I have been especially good. This Xmas I bought her a new leather recliner and the following was my reward. These were taken on a Sunday afternoon when the kids were at church and we had some time to play. Sorry about blurring the face (and if I miss one Kate please blur for me) it is truly the best part of her. She has big brown doe eyes and a smile that would melt glass. She knows I have posted her but she afraid to look at the comment (even though I told her it was all wonderful). She has all the typical insecurities of a woman (I am ugly--Why would anyone want to look at me-Butt too big-yada-yada-yada). Your site is certainly addictive. Real women are soooo much more sexy. PS after the shoot a good time was had by all

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showing her nice pussy Met this girl online. Took her to dinner and then home. With a little talking she agreeded to pose for me. She is 18 half my age, 5'1'' 105 and tiny. This was one hot night and she wants to do more so vote for her and I will do more.


Kisses - Lorelai :* Hello, I have a NT contribution, our first. We registered today and hope this is what you need. I can only send three pics at a time using this email account, so i'll send 3 more emails with same subject. We're new to the board, and love to share pics and hear and share comments. Thanks!