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Brunette cutie at beach part 1

Mr. Big & Carrie
Hi Kate - I promised to send these the other day but my internet cable connection went out. Just got it back. Anyway, I took these last Sunday (9/19) after the "Waking Up" voyeur shots I sent the other day. I would like you to comment on these, as I took your advice on lighting, angles and shows off. I would like to see how you think I did. There are 20 pics attached. 10 are for Private Shots, they are titled PS1-10 and ten are for voy-zone, they are titled RC1-10. The ones for Private Shots were taken without a flash and the shadows are very strategically placed. The voy-zone ones are with the flash and more detail shows which is why they need to go to voy-zone. I think they came out pretty good and I'd like to hear what you think. So enjoy. Sending in 2 Parts - Part one are the PS pics and Part 2 are the nudistpics.

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fun day camping Hi Everyone! The wife here! Just wanted to say OMG, thank you all for the great comments, I still can't believe it! I can't say no & all of you asked so nicely, so I'm posting again! Hope you enjoy these as much as the last ones. Kisses & Hugs to all!


Mp4 OF WIFE Sometimes...there is more to photographing a beautiful woman than simply getting her clothes off and delving into a gynecological expedition... sometimes it is in getting into the person in order to bring out their personality, and their true inner beauty.