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Mom and dad have sex at the beach

Evening everyone
HtWifey's ex used to take her to parties in short dresses wearing nothing underneath. Once when he was very drunk he found two few random guys and asked them to come with them into a spare bedroom. He ordered HtWifey to get down on her hands and knees on the bed. To turn him on she decided to do it. It was the first time she'd ever exposed her bare ass to strangers. Nick reached out and spread her ass cheeks wide apart for them. Before she knew it, one of the guys was riding her bareback from behind with his thick stumpy cock. HtWifey said it felt so good in her pussy with the thickness, she just let it happen. He was really good and gave her multiple orgasms. Right after he came inside her the other guy took over. He was huge, but didn't last as long. As he started to cum he pulled out and came all over HtWifey's ass. Later, after she cleaned herself up and walked out to the party, she saw one of the guys still there with his girlfriend, who had just arrived.

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trying my new lingerie I could not help to let the slight breeze blow my hair around as I walked this beautiful Orchard in Spring. Ah to smell the fresh spring air and dream of tasting some of its sweet fruit! I hope you all like my walk around the Orchard?!?!


More photos of the wife. Hi Kate and gang She's my wife Angela and this is the first time that appears in your wonderful site. please publish these pics in private shot and entitling this " Angela " Sorry for my bad english. Ciao