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viewers for their wonderful comments. it has really boosted my confidence about submitting more pics. some of the favorable comments were from people with corrupted email addy's, so my attempt to answer was short circuited. i left responces for them on the BB. the next series will be in two emails and has pics that were taken between my 21st an 24th b'days. hope you all like them, and as long as there is an interest, i'll continue sharing. i guess these should also be in freestyle. this series may seem a little disjointed because it contains several that are more in the artsy-fartsy realm.

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luv daizy oxoxox This is a daily ritual. After a good shower, I love to shave my pussy so it is smooth for anything that might be coming my way. Like my mother always told me, make sure you shave your pussy clean every day, you never know when you might have a chance to have an accident. ;)


Just my wife's boobs These Harley field events took place in Appleton, Mo. As you can see it was a great time for all. Seemed like the girls were less inhibited and better looking than usual. Don't publish E-mail address as usual