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Flashing cock to granny in the beach

Sweet kisses,
Hello petite Italian American fans! I have been on its back to school. After a few weeks to get settled, I finally have time to send in a contribution. The first pictures are playing on the bed...a lot of guys seemed to ask for that....I have included my usual "wfi"... guys like them too.... I have enjoyed all the e-mails during the summer....I read them at different locations around the U.S. Hope you like these shots guys.... I will still take suggestions for let me know what you want. The see through panty was a suggestion I promised over a month ago....sorry for so late. love you all...until next time.... bye bye

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Which hole do u want? Peter and I were very excited taking our first NIP pics. It was great fun there and great fun (fuck) afterwards! Sorry for the blurring, it's the job you know.... Can't wait to read your comments. Don't be too hard on our first attempt and we'll send more. Any suggestions? xxx Dutch Mandy


sorry, no story. On my recent trip back to Florida, my friends wife let me use her Viper for a prop for a pic shoot. Not that it matters, this car attracts enough attention to let alone have a chick driving it, but have one getting naked around it! Check out me at my site./ Hugs and Stuff Lainey