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<3 Princess Pookie
Wow! thanks for all the great comments everybody. Just one complaint too the gay bashers, If you are looking at male contris and calling them gay that means you are gay (there is nothing more cowardish than people bashing others that dont leave email adresses), so get out of the closet and admit it, your parents will appreciate it. Stop being selfish, these contris are for females, bimales and gay males. Go view contris on the left side and let other people enjoy what they want to see so anyways, these are some pics over the last year. Ther is no wedding ring for a good reason. I work with electricity and its not the best idea to wear metal on your body. Princess Leia (my wife) wants me alive. So the only time I wear is when we go out, if i wore the ring all the time I would loose it or missplace the ring.

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She does whatever I want Check out these pictures that my 23 year old girlfriend begged me to take. My favorite part is seeing her get turned on as she reads her feedback. We are always curious to know what people leave a message and let us know!


More of getting ready It's true. Give me a few Long Islands, I start dancing and having a good time and my clothes fall off. Key West was the perfect location for just this occasion. After several drinks, the clothes fell off and all I was wearing was body paint at the Garden of Eden.