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Logans Green Room - So I have been dating like a young single healthy girl should right? Yeah...and its fun and all. I find myself running into a problem pretty often and its kinda throwing me for a loop. Though I haven't often thought of myself as such...I am apparently a young Asian woman. See now...I normally don't think about it because I am A) Half White and B) when I do think about it, I think about how being half Japanese just makes me look REALLY REALLY young...and its more of a pain in the ass then anything. The guys I have been dating lately seem more interested in the fact that I am Asian then anything else. I am totally serious! I am apparently a walking fetish. See, when I think of Asian girls I think of girls like my friend Jenna...but apparently I get it too. So I found some simple rules for all you "Rice Kings" and "Asian Fetish" boys out help you actually get one of us girls in your bed and not send us running away pay attention while you enjoy my naked might learn something!!

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on vacation 2 Hi guys, my wife is very beautifull, but very shy. She wanted to know if you liked her pics. we will read your comments and.. please vote. Maybe more are coming....let's wait to see. bye please do not show my email. thank you


Just shots from the years. My Husband and I just needed to get away - Shake off the Winter cold and headed to Palm Springs for HEAT!!! We seemed to heat it up our selves - role playing in the Bar wearing my sexy very short flight attendent uniform. Needless to say - at 50 I can still turn heads and create a little mess!!! hahahahah