Nudism Photos

Butt Beach Action (double feature)

getting rid of tan lines!
I am getting ready to go to Hedonism III (by myself!) next week! I needed to run some errands, and figured I'd bring my camera along. I went to Target first...on a Sunday there are too many kids to take pics inside the store, but I got a few outside! The Target I went to is next to a hotel...apparently a group was there doing some sort of "team building" exercise, so I HAD to get them in the picture. One guy is leading a group of blindfolded people around the parking lot. The first one you can see them, but the second one they just got out of view by the time I snapped the pic. I got a pic at Wendy's before I got lunch...and then I went to Fredericks' of Hollywood to get some accessories. Which I decided to model in the mall parking lot. Hope you enjoy! Leave your email and you will get a response from me. But not til I get back from Jamaica mon!

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Have a great holiday, Hi all, there is no story for this contri. Just walking in Paris and having fun to show and shoot at this moment. Ps: Thx to all for your kindly comments on "French Holidays 2". IGOR DONT PUBLISH MY EMAIL PLZ-THKU


Kymberly So Hooot watch it Hi gang! I was lying on my bed reading my favorite magazine when my hubby walked in and sprung a boner and then talked me into doing the same position in the magazine ( Anal ) I gave in and let him! You can see it at our site at the url below, see ya there :>) Kisses Ashley P.S Merry Christmas :>)