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Sexy view on beach 2014

life for ever
After arriving home from the airport, we talked in her room as she unpacked. I looked on as she removed her clothes from the suitcase, but paid greatest attention to her lingerie. At this point, her boundaries were just waiting to be explored… When she finished, I rifled through the neatly stacked pile of delicates and separated my favorites. Casting the others aside, I mandated she wear only "these" under her uniform. More so shocked than offended, she asked where her uniform was, and may she see it… (Wearing a uniform was not news to her. It had been explained early on that it was a definite requirement). She was told it would be a formal, ankle-length, maid's dress. Very proper, prim, and pressed. When she pulled it from the closet, the look on her face was just as I hoped; utter disappointment. Holding it up to her body, she realized how unflattering the garment was. If you don't like that one, I said, I do have others you can choose from… As she contemplated her response, I could almost hear the wheels turning. Finally, she asked, "May I try them on, Sir." BINGO! That was all I needed to hear!

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pantyhose and heels Brian's NAP 2006 #1 Yet another year of Nudes-A-Poppin in Roselawn, Indiana. The girls were hot and so was the 98 degree weather. Could not as for a more perfect day. Sun was out and naked women everywhere! Hope everyone enjoys these pictures and comment if you like! Thank


my boobs and pussy I read on one of the comments on my last contri to Voyeurweb that the reason people are responding so much to my pictures is because they are "down to earth". I have no idea what that means, but thank you. I'm just glad you guys like me! It's an kickass boost to my ego!