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Since we have a house full of kids we are never home alone to take pics. We usually only get to take pics when we go on trips. We had mentioned this to a nudistmember visiting D.C. that we meet for dinner. So he offered us the use of his hotel room to take pics if we wanted. Well my wife has never posed with another man in the room never less him taking pics too. The wife and I had talked that she could start with some of the sexy dresses we brought and take off as much as she was comfortable with. Well she went in the bathroom to change an instead of a dress she came out with heels, red stockings and red robe. I wasn't sure what she was wearing under it because we brought a suitcase full of clothes, stockings, heels and lingerie. She asked if we were ready to take pictures we said sure. She said OK and threw off her robe and she was nude! She wasn't wearing anything under the robe! There she was my beautiful wife that had never been naked in front of another man in over 21 years, standing there wearing only stockings, heels and a smile! I had never been so excited before in my life! If response is good we took over 300 pics and can post more. Thanks and please vote!

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