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Hey hey hey!!! Hey Kate, and crew! We finally got a new camera! TC surprised me and came home with a new Sony that also takes audio MPEGS, so be watching for lots of videos!! hehe Everyone that has been here awhile knows I love to do the theme pics, and haven't taken any in awhile. Mine and TC's Anniversary came up and we decided to take a night away. We got a very beautiful hotel in Colonial Williamsburg. It had such beautiful scenery, and a beautiful pond. We took like 300 or more pics in different settings and backgrounds..LOL I felt kinda funny in this outfit, but TC said no one will even notice. Sure enough, we went out and about and I got a few glances, but nothing bad! A few ladies said, "oh we love your costume." Everyone in Colonial Williamsburg, besides the tourists, are in some get up or another for the shows that go on there. So we pranced around the property sneaking in pics here and there. We went to the Chippokes Plantation where I really wanted to get pictures, but they had this huge Peanunt Festival going on! BUMMER!! Only good thing is I fit in,looking like I was a host of the Mansion Tour. hahaha If you want to see all of our adventures that day, please visit my Hot Spot. Love and kisses,

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