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Hugs Sailor and all! Tis dixie and Last Outlaw. This is our first fetish contri since the New Year and we wanted to do something a little different. We opted for some “fun with balloons.” We had heard about balloon fetishes, but hadn’t experimented with the colorful latex wonders – until now. We even invited a friend over to watch. It turned out to be a lot of fun and a great ice breaker. Earlier that day, LO had dropped by a party store and picked up a few packages of balloons of assorted shapes, colors and sizes. They included 12- to 15-inch round ones, long twisty ones and 18-inch giants. Blowing them up proved to be quite a breathtaking feat. Dizzying in fact. *grin* Once they were inflated to full size, it was time to really put them to use by squeezing and shaping them, sucking and snapping the tied-off ends, as well as riding and sitting on them, which of course led to the ever-popular “popping” experience. There’s nothing quite like having a giant orange balloon explode underneath you. It’s unnerving – and exhilarating - at the same time. Although we didn’t get off with the balloons, they certainly provided a great lead in to the sexual shenanigans that took place later that night. Don’t worry. We took pics of that as well and will be sending them into voy-zone in the near future. Btw, this contri will most likely arrive too late for the contest, but that’s ok. It was loads of fun anyway.

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lunch time delight I am ready to loose my clothes for you. please enjoy my slow strip from the clothes of the day to my nakedness for the night. bonjour,appreciez a sa juste valeur ces photos. nous recherchons des models feminins proches de la normandie pour poser avec doizette


just fun!!!! This is only our 2nd contribution to Red Clouds. We hope y'all are enjoying them as much as we enjoy making them. We would like to hear from all you, espicially you Horny Southern USAfolks out there. Also, let us know what you want to see next. We are open to just about ANYTHING. KISS.....Keep It Sexy Smooth,