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Football jock on the beach

My beautiful wife.
Kitty told me about an experience she once had in a tent while camping for her first time. She said she got real horny, but that the outcome wasn't what she expected. The story turned me on so I thought I'd try my hand at things. These are a few shots on the last day of the trip. She went into the tent to change and I thought I'd press the issue. I saw her wiggle and tug at her clothing and she saw me staring at her slightly clothed body. I told her I'd have to see the rest and she eagerly agreed. The photos show a portion of the treat. This is her first time and I want to know what you all think. Please be kind and hide any facial feature I may have missed. Sorry folks.

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Waiting to be served. thanks to the true voyeur fans who appreciated the last one. I can't believe there are so many haters on here. why are you on a voyeur site if you are so disgusted by it? loosen up or find a new site to rag on


the Better Hi ...Thanks for all the GREAT comments....I am trying to get back to all of you... if I don't, just know I appreciate the awesome things all of you said...and I will try and post as many requests as I can... Kisses PDNPMEA