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Hidden Vid of French Woman Fingered on Beach by snahbrandy

More fun with Gabriella
Hi Sailor and the V-WEB gang! After sneaking peeks at your site for a while now, I am finally in the position to contribute to your fantastic site! As it so happens, my b/f asked me what I would like for my 18th birthday (which was July case you needed to know that) and I asked for 1. a kick-ass tattoo and 2. for him to take some very sexy pictures of me to send in to you guys! I don't know who enjoyed it more, him or me, but we both enjoyed it afterwards *wink* The only thing I was wishing for, but didn't get ;-( was for a special girl-friend of mine to seduce me and take me to bed! Hee Hee! So, if theres any other hotties out there who'd like to pic-trade with me and maybe share with me some of their techniques, I'd love to hear from you! Drop me a note on the BBand lets have some sexy fun! BTW sailor, theres a special V-WEB pic included just for you!! Sexy Hugs,

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Que tal la chica? This pictures are taken at the Dance Parade 2001 in Rotterdam. The girls with the Flugel stickers all over them are on the one truck that was taken of the parade...:-( just because the where giving away free drinks....but they where one the parade long enough to enjoy them. Greetings ..


getting it ready After the garden store, I convinced Dave we should go back out. We went to one more garden center, which was a bust, but then we went to a local park. In this set we were playing in the playground and then some cyclists came by! We had to leave when a family showed up with kids.