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Julia Downtown With Phil (3) - We found another nice place with a small fountain in (some guessed right) Pfaffenhofen. Phil helped again by taking Julia?s clothes. It was very hot day. Julia tried to cool down by sprinkling some water over here body. It was on a small island in the middle of the street and a quite number of cars and bikers where passing. On the last picture you also can see a coffee house in the back where people had a good view at Julia. Wir fanden einen netten Platz mit einem kleinen Brunnen in, einige hatten richtig gelegen, Pfaffenhofen. Phil ging Julia wieder zur Hand und nahm Ihre Kleidung entgegen. Da es sehr heiss war an dem Tag, versuchte Julia sich ein wenig abzukuehlen. Der Brunnen stand auf einer kleinen Verkehrsinsel und eine ganze reihe Autos und Radfahrer passierten waehrend der Aufnahmen. Im letzten Bild sieht man auch das Kaffees dessen Gaeste einen gute sicht auf Julia hatten. Cheers Bruno + Julia

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Sneaking pics of the wife I love fucking this woman in every way that I can! Hope you enjoy looking. They are just vid caps, but if it weren't forthe clip camerawe wouldn't have any pictures! Love reading your comments--they help build her confidence for MORE pics ; } Thx Kate and crew,


Flashing San Francisco This is Strand Lover (my then 53 year old wife) having fun in a river (secluded) in the Great Smokie Mountains National Park. Sorry about the resolution. This mp4 was taken on the same day in probably the same river as my contri of stills in the Smokies posted on April 8.