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Well, hello there. After viewing your site for some time now, I decidedto go out and buy a scanner so I could contribute too. These are from MardiGras 1998 and there are 9 total, however I had to send them in three differentemails because yahoo only allows three attachments per message. Sorry abouthaving to block out my friends face, but he is well-known in the small communitythat we live in and your viewers probably aren't interested in him anyways.I have hundreds more from past Mardi Gras. If these get posted, I will sendmore. Please title this contri "G's Mardi 98" so I can look outfor it. You can call me beachbum. Subject title: "G's Mardi 98".

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Do you like my panties? Here is the firstof 4 sets of an evening out. This first set was planned for Freestyle, look for onein Private Shots, EIP and Redclouds. We love all the positive comments.Keep up the good work and thanks to all.


Naked in Sauna Hello Kate and the rest of the gang. Here's the continuation of the fun we had a while back, which posted on 01/17/02. I've been trying to post these and hopefully they're okay this time. My girlfriend enjoys reading the comments left on the BB, so drop her a line. Enjoy!