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bbw hiry granny spied on the beach

Punta Cana 2010
I'm baaack! So happy to see the site up and running again! I know hubby is happy to have FunBags back - he LOVES to watch all those other slutty wives out there please their men the same way I please him! I hope you like these - they are unique to this site - you won't see them ANYwhere else, not even the competition (although I'm posting ALL the best pics we took set on my complete sexual journal as GangBangMomma). I want you know that I'm wearing the red lace panties under jeans as a request from a fan. AND the picture of the cock on the computer is another horny fan who sent me the image of his very nice penis and requested that I pose alongside it. If YOU want me to do something nice, just leave a nice comment and a valid email, and I'll perform as commanded! If you can get a room north of Cincinnati, and you want to fuck me, leave a nice comment with superb vote with your valid email address and I'll tell you how you can join the fun! Also, if you want the clip we made of this adventure (and a few nice extras) do the same thing, and I'll send them along! So nice to be seen by you all again, PERVERTS! I love you SOOOOO MUCH!

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More fun shots These were taken on the spur of the moment in the dying days of last Fall. Lucky the camera was handy so as to capture the last natural colours of the year on display in this beautiful arboretum. It was a little tricky dodging the walkers but I did not want to spend Christmas in jail.


just a day in the woods Wow, what nice comments from our first contri! Those who are offended by interracial sex, move on, don't even bother... Everyone else, enjoy the conclusion of our first threesome, and CumPrincess' first black cock...