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Just Monique
A relaxing bath... One day while I was on business trip letting my husband at home cause I had to be out of town for few days, something incredible and never told to him - or anybody else - happened to me... I was in this big town for 2 days for an important meeting concerning some products of my company. I had reserved a night in a nice luxuous hotel. So after the meeting, I, of course, went to my room cause it was very, very late and I rushed to prepare me a bath. As I didn't know how many times that could require (as I wasn't from this country) and, as I was hungry, I decided to call first the office to have my diner in my room and asked they bring it when I was done with bath. Then, as the water of my bath was ready and hot, while awaiting this diner, I had time to relax and wash me. I take off my clothes to slide me in this delicious water and bubbles to forget this so hard day, these managers, this meeting...

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Taking it all Greek Naked Goddess That’s my Greek goddess naked in our holidays in the Greek islands. I wish you were there to enjoy the view as much I did every time I see her naked. We like to trade with other couples. Se opoio zeugari aresoume as epikoinwnisei mazi mas gia antalagi foto B+


This made my day! .....some more shots of me on the rug, just before bedtime once again. the damn weather turned cold on me in atlanta so some of the great outdoor sets that i have planned have been put on hold until the warmth until then please enjoy these..thank you again.....muah