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gangbang on a beach for naomi1

just us having fun
I had a great time in California, it is so truly beautiful there. The mountains and the views from the top were just amazing... We took so many pictures, I wasn't going to submit these, but the fantasy story that goes with them was reason enough for me send them in to naturist. You can read the full story on the naturist BB at: (FreeStyle Feedback BB). On our vacation out west, my husband and I met up with one of his old buddies. Things often get a bit wild with these two. They egg me into doing things. I cannot refuse either of them. I love nature as do the guys. So, this one day, we hiked through the redwood forests. They were stopping all the time to take pictures of the scenic views along the trail. I wanted to go to the top of the trail. The views are fantastic up there. ...

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Lucky Yes? Hopefully you can cut me a little slack on the quality of these. My little telescope (a 500mm mirror lens, 800 mm when converted to the D30) is the ultimate covert lens but difficult to use. To the unknowing eye it doesn't look much different than a normal lens.


fun for the camera Wife bought this new swimsuit for herself and thought it would be nice to share it with everyone. Going to Mexico soon and can't wait to see her on the sand. Please be kind with you comments, she loves to showoff and I would hate for her to stop.