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bad boy me !
Halloween is absolute favoritest holiday! In fact, I think I like it better than Xmas or even my own b-day! When I was younger, I always enjoyed playing dress-up, and in my house with my parents crazy strict rules, it was the only time of the year I could get away with wearing something risque, revealing or along the lines of what my mother usually deemed unacceptable behavior for a lady. Now that I am at university, I finally have the option to dress however I want (and lord knows I have taken advantage of that in my photos, videos, contributions to voy-zone and my own website). But most of the time I am much too nervous to ever wear something along those 'forbidden' lines out in a public setting. Now that Halloween is almost here I am excited to wear something cute and kind of sexy this year. I got this outfit today at my local thrift store and after seeing these shots, I think it will work out nicely for a dance I am going to that night. Feedback is appreciated!

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Greek Sun & OUZO Isis@Home - Not much of a story, here, just some shots I did of Isis one afternoon and evening, hanging around, drinking a little wine... I know some of you guys have an aversion to tattoos, and, frankly, I'm not a huge fan of them either, but the one on Isis is a work of art, in my opinion...


happy wfi for kate just more of my wife who wants comments and see how you guys like and asks for any reqeusts if any lets see if you like her shes nervous to read comments but she said be honest and brutal lol just tell her what you like and dont and what you wanna see guys