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Just wanted to show off.
Hi Kate and fellow RCs! This is my hot,sexy 28 y.o.wife getting ready for a night on the town! We went to a nice dinner then to an awesome nite club in Chicago. Lucky for me, she ran into an old college girlfriend at Crobar who she hasn't seen in 4 years. My wife is shy, but is totally bi-curious. After a nite of drinking and grinding together, they were both ready to go at each other. To my surprise, my wife invited her old friend to come back to the house to continue the party! Talk abouta lucky guy! She would love to hear from all you horny RedClouders and more of her 1st girl/girl experience will follow!

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Nice girl getting changed im a 38 years old with 4 kids. my new young that is my first lover, wants me to show my body. im shy, but yet im horny so im doing many crazy things. i want to read your comments. (please show my email and blur my face). thank you


Ready for pool party Can you tell I'm a big fan of the green?? I almost always have something green on at all times, so be careful if you don't see any and want to pinch me. I pinch back!! lolol These being some of the most explicit pictures I've ever taken, can you tell what my second fave color is???