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Wanking at the nudist beach in the bushes

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Everything began when my friend Gritsak sent me an e-mail jpg of his wife. «Do you like it?» – he asked. I answered that, «Certainly, I do» and I didn't lie: in the pic I saw a magnificent young girl lying on a bed absolutely naked. Naked! «Why have you sent me a pic, in which she is naked?» - I asked. «She likes to be admired,» - my friend answered. That's how this erotic madness began. After a week Gritsak sent me photos of dozens girls and women from Russia, Ukraine, Latvia and from many other countries of the world. He told me that he and his wife exchange erotic photos through the Internet with other pairs, with girls and with young men. In the beginning I thought that it was a kind of «swingers' Internet acquaintance», but after a while I became convinced, that I was not absolutely right. Gritsak with with his wife, and with many pairs in the different countries of the world are are having «sex over the Internet». I begin a long contri series, which has collected specially for voy-zone. You can see a part of a pic here, and other photos on our site. Look more often on our site, each week I is added new photos and series.

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just playin Filipina Fuck Toy ;P - I met her during my visit to Manila from china, i presume you have seen my other contribute in Vweb/RC of my chinese fuck girl i met.. This contri will continue my previous one.. enjoy it.. I will post more as far as there is pussies in Asia, i will be there!


Too explicit for real game I'm contributing these pictures not because I think I have such a great body but because I think my girlfriend does. The only way she would even consider letting me contribute pictures of her is if I went first. So here they are