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Public wank at beach with boots

In divisa da infermiera
She is my 28 YO ExGF. She uses to wear short skirts, little dresses and shirts. But now she is crazy about fucking me so I'm always daring her to wear smaller and thiner outfits in public without underwear, obviously I buy all her clothes, so when she uses them I never tell her the truth about how see-trhu they really are. She thinks that she just looks like a daring woman, but I'm sure that everybody in the street think that she is just a paid slut cause a GF won't go out dressed like a whore. When she starts to feel comfortable in some places like parks, restaurants or in the street, I just pull up her skirt or down her shirt in front of strangers, I just want her to feel offered like a bitch. More to come.

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Some pics for you. Enjoy! I thought this was a good idea to let the men contribute. I took these shots of my hubby one day when he came home for lunch. Was just trying to make use of the existing light and not be too revealing! Hubby has done naked modeling before, so this was fun for him (and me!) I hope all the ladies enjoy!


hi hope you like MILF in OR back again with another set of photos. I think she is getting alot more comfortable in front of the camera you tell me. she wanted to do a pantie set, so she just set the camera's timer up and went to town. these are her hottest pics yet. remember to vote, and let good comments and suggestions