Nudism Photos

Position 69 at the beach

Wife's right boob on show.
*Nt Elise Rider Hello Kate, Sailor, Blue and to all the staff. I fans and friends…I spent a cool W/E in Cannes (France), it has been very funny. We were driving along the “Croisette” on the seaside just after that we have done the train shots. I was still naked under the coat… Suddenly we saw a wird motorbike following us on the same direction. It took me only few seconds to decide for action: I waved my arm out of the car window to signal to stop on a side of the road. The motorbiker allowed us a ride on his “dragster”! It has been good luck. You can see it by yourself watching the next pics. I hope you like them. Write me comments and leave your E-mail address…

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For you in color HEY! I am not a retard and I am not spastic. I am a real woman who just can't walk. But I do like sex and doing sexy things with hubby. He likes taking pics of me and I like showing off my lovely body. These pics were taken last fall on a business trip to North Carolina and at a store there.


nice bush growing good Would love to trade with couples. Also looking for MFM or FMF action. As always, thanks for the comments. I know it's been a while, but we have been very busy. These pics were taken during our recent holiday to Hawaii.