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can you handle me
Hi there fellow peeps. This contri is actually the sequel to Lusty's Trespass. Both contris were shot at the same location. Part one was the old camp, and part two is the goldmine. We drove for about an hour out into the desert to get to this place. I had to tell Lusty to be careful not to get to close to the shaft. The shaft is very dangerous you know. Oh and by the way this is not naked in public, just naked outdoors. There are some knuckle heads that need this disclaimer cuz they take everything way to serious. Joker, r, and bob are not allowed to look at Lusty's contris anymore until thay say they are sorry. You guys better not look.

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I finger myself At your request Paulie and wife... Thanks! P.S.: I think I will get more of these... I loved wearingthem, besides, he tore them apart after the pics, hehehe. You are invited to our PA site: See you there ;-)


alicia, my ladies Long, long time viewers of the VW and a first contri in a while. Princess Eowyn, sexy 30 year old mom, recently took this set of pics for Private Shots and wanted to see what all of you think. Leave us a comment! Consecutive pics from this particular pic session to follow. Enjoy!