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Oops Accidental Nudity on the Beach

sexy katja
A few months ago I submitted my wife Ann's contri. The conti was titled "Alot of Convincing". Some may remember Ann was just about to turn 50. She didnt want me take photos of her anymore because she no longer felt sexy. I convinced her she still looked very good and I wanted to show her off. She reluctantly agreed. I also said Ann is a very nice and kind person. If you do not find her attractive I asked please be kind or please do not respond with harsh comments. We could not believe the responses she received. Well over 200 comments. Many were very kind commenting on how attractive she is. Many others were much more descriptive but we liked those to. Ann was absolutely overwhelmed. She said she never expected anything like this. Thank you for making my wife feel good about herself. Once again, if you like her please respond and be as descriptive as you like. Thank you all again.

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kai 35yars Czech republik Lets suck some cock. Hi everyone. My name is Georgia and I am into cock sucking. My friend here needs some attention between the legs so I pulled his pants down and here I am. I hope everyone will enjoy my pics as I plan on becuming a frequent contributor. Kisses, Georgia.


Hab noch viele Fotos. Asley Ultimate Milf Body - Talked my friend Ashley into being the newest girl on my Redclouds Site. Thanks to all the voyeur guys that have joined and it has been fun getting to know each and every one of you horny boys. Kisses Lynn.!