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Kristin's heavy teen tits on beach

This summer in Greece;)
M* Ekserb 7 On The Bed, Part 1 Of 2 Hello again! Not much of a story to go along with these pictures. Just having fun and looking forward to your comments. These were taken Sunday night after a day at the naked playa. I thought about posting some color versions (as requested) but I simply didn't like the look of the colors and no matter much work I put into the images, some of you don't have calibrated monitors to look at and the colors would be way off anyway. These may be dark or bright depending on your screen settings, but at least the colors are perfect. LOL. As usual, Miami friends say "Hi," and anyone in the area looking for a photographer just let me know. I'm supposed to shoot a wedding next week, so it may be a few weeks before my next submission. Take care!

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this is how 2 suck There was a beautiful sunset last week at the coast so we were taking some pictures when all of a sudden some fishermen passed by in a boat. I was okay with it until I noticed them turning around for another look! I wonder if they visit VW?


A little more cream. I really want to get naked in every place in the world. And to remember to have done so I want to get more picture as possible. So, I dont mind to show to all of you internet admirer. I love you all. Love your support, comment, and vote. KISSES.