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Hi again from Australia. It's Lee here this time. Finally got him off the keyboard!!! Firstly a big thankyou to all of you for the nice comments. I was really nervous the first couple of times but am getting used to it and feeling good about it now. Secondly, sorry Guys but I don't swing yet. Hubby's been at me to give it a try but one step at a time - maybe down the track a bit. Although the thought of some of you getting off on my pics gives me a thrill. He hashad another womantwice since we've been married. The first time was with a friend who was feeling very down about herself and told me she was envious of us. She hinted very strongly that she wanted him and I trusted them both enough to arrange it. The second was a birthday surprise for him last year. I took him out to dinner and afterwards to a nightclub. I hadn't planned it but there was a girl there who kept watching him and he had noticed her. I dared him to try and within an hour he had her out in the car park bent over the back fence!!!They then went back to her place and when he came homehetold me EVERY detail and fucked the shit out of me for another couple of hours. WOW!!!!! So girls if any of you are interested and live in Queenland, Australia, let us know. He's clean, discreet, likes 'em under 40yo with average to slim bods, and believe me he knows what to do. (And no, he's not telling me what to say). Anyway, here are some morepics. Hope you like them and don't forget, we are interested in swapping vids with other couples. Love

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By popular requst! I read the comments posted on the "M*" contris and it is simply ridiculous how some people with juvenile minds have trouble accepting them. In fact, most of the comments are abusive. This is a beautiful community out here on VW, I am surprised how such comments are tolerated.