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Sarah Backyard Fun - I took these pics a while back, but waited to post them until now. I don't really know why. Maybe it's to show that I do have the guts to be naked outdoors. Maybe it's because of the feelings I had that day. I was very nervous that people would see me. Super shy. I mean really, all they had to do was come out on their back patio, and peek over the 5 ft fence. My neighbors could easily see me from their upstairs window if they were looking out. I kept thinking of Mr. Lee (a sweet asian man next door) peaking through his curtains. It's a good thing I don't live with my parents anymore because if anyone did see, I would be in huge trouble. I guess trouble is something I've been looking for lately. With "what's his butt" out of my life for good now, I can do anything I want. Maybe that has some meaning with my choice of pics this week. Hmm...weird.

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Hot Alicia, hot Croatia. Hi Everyone it's been some time between posting! We went to the plage here in S.Florida for some sun but it didnt come out. Then i thought why wast a good Day out hehehehe Let us know what you think Have a Great Week


Just a couple more pics More shots from my day around town in a suburb of Cleveland Ohio. I absolutely love seeing the reactions from people on the street and also reading the comments left for me here. Keep them superb votes coming and I promise to get even more daring with the next set !!